Notice of EGM - 29.02.2024
Prior Intimation and Notice of the Board Meeting dated 07.02.2024
Outcome of Adjourned Board Meeting dated 16.12.2023
Outcome of Board Meeting dated 09.12.2023
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit (Reg 76)30.09.2023
Disclosure of reasons for delayinsubmissionofFRfortheQE30.09.2023
Prior intimation of Board Meeting 09.12.2023
Board Meeting Notice 09.12.2023
Trading Window Closure for Qtr & Half year ended 30.09.2023
Suspension of Manufacturing Activities at Filament Unit (Hoshiarpur)
74th AGM Outcome
Board Meeting Notice 14.08.2023
74th AGM Notice - AD Copy
74th AGM Notice
Trading Window Closure for Qtr ended 30.06.2023
Board Meeting Notice 30.06.2023
Receipt of Reclassification Request
Reclassification Request Approval
Submission of Reclassification Application
Board Meeting Notice 29.05.2023
Trading Window Closure for Qtr & Year ended 31.03.2023
Board Meeting Notice 14.02.2023
Board Meeting Notice 29.11.2022
Board Meeting Postpone Notice
Board Meeting Notice 14.11.2022
73rd AGM Notice-AD Copy
73rd AGM Notice
Board Meeting Notice 12.08.2022
Board Meeting Notice 28.05.2022
Board Meeting Notice Dated 14.02.2022
Board Meeting Notice Dated 13.11.2021
Scrutinizers report on 72nd AGM
72nd AGM Notice-AD Copy
Board Meeting Notice Dated 13.08.2021
72nd AGM Notice
Intimation under Regulation 30 Dated 11.06.2021
Reschedule Of Board Meeting 11.06.2021
Board Meeting Notice 10.06.2021
Intimation under Regulation 30 Dated 05.04.2021
Board Meeting Notice 30.01.2021
Board Meeting Notice 11.11.2020
Board Meeting Notice 10.09.2020
71st AGM Notice-Ad Copy
71st AGM Notice
Board Meeting Notice 20.07.2020
Board Meeting Adjourn Notice
Board Meeting Notice 14.02.2020
Adjourned Board Meeting Notice 21.11.2019
Board Meeting Notice 14.11.2019
Scrutinizer’s Report on 70th Annual General Meeting
70th AGM Notice - Ad Copy
70th AGM Notice
Board Meeting Notice 30.05.2019
CORRIGENDUM TO EGM 14.02.2019- Ad Copy
Board Meeting Notice 14.02.2019
Corrigendum to EGM-14.02.2019
Corrigendum to EGM Notice - AD Copy
Addendum to EGM-14.02.2019-AD Copy
Addendum to EGM-14.02.2019
Notice of EGM- 14.02.2019- AD Copy
Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting-14.02.2019
Board Meeting Notice_14.11.2018
Corrigendum to 69th AGM Notice
Board Meeting Notice_14.08.2018
Circular for Compulsory De materialization of shares
Board Meeting Notice_30.05.2018
Board Meeting Notice_14.02.2018
Board Meeting Notice_13.11.2017
Board Meeting Notice_14.08.2017
68th AGM Notice – AD Copy
Outcome of Board Meeting – 30.5.2017
Board Meeting Notice : 30.05.2017
67th AGM Notice – AD Copy
Postal Ballot Notice and Form – 13.02.2016
Board Meeting Notice – 13.02.2016
Public Notice - EGM-07.11.2015
Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting - 07.11.2015
66th AGM Notice- AD copy
Postal Ballot Notice and Form-22/06/2015
Postal Ballot Notice and Form-14/11/2014
65TH AGM Notice 25/09/2014
Scrutinizers Reports
Scrutinizers report on 74th AGM
Scrutinizers report on 73rd AGM
Scrutinizers report on 72nd AGM
Scrutinizers report on 71st AGM
Scrutinizer Report on 68th AGM
Scrutinizers Report on 65th AGM- E voting
Scrutinizers Report on 65th AGM- Poll
Scrutinizer Report on Postal Ballot-12.02.2015
Scrutinizer Report on Postal Ballot-31.07.2015
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on 66th AGM
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on EGM -07.11.2015
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on Postal Ballot -25.03.2016
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on AGM -12.08.2016